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Şemdinli Liquid Honey 2.2 lbs

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Our Şemdinli liquid honey  belongs to Şemdinli/Hakkari region of Turkey.
Do not refrigerate. Store at room temperature. It may crystallize due to lack of preservative. In this case, if you keep it in boiling water for a while with the honey container you bought, it will get its old shape. You can mix honey to speed up this process.
It is good for itching, redness and infections in the eyes. It increases the ability to see.
It gives energy.
It helps to regulate the digestive system.
Sugar-free honey regulates blood sugar.
It makes the skin beautiful.
It improves intelligence.
It lowers cholesterol.
It helps to treat many diseases.
If applied to the wounds on the skin, it provides rapid recovery.
It prevents obesity.
It relieves throat infections and reduces the severity of cough.
If it is mixed with water and drunk, it is good for mushroom poisoning.
It is a natural toothpaste. It makes the teeth shine. It protects the gums and prevents mouth sores.