Natural Honeycomb

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Natural Honeycomb , 2.2lbs (1kg)

The natural honeycomb is a cure for human’s body. This honeycomb is made from the essential oil of the flora of the high mountains in the black sea region, the scarce flowers and the endemic plants. The natural honeycomb has two colors, the black color is made by the queen bee and the white one is made by the cluster bees. Our natural honeycomb, the wonder of nature is exported to all over the world.

The historical origin of the honey goes back to the history of humanity. Although it is unknown who made it but the fact is that bees exist and work for more than 30 million years. Throughout history, honey was a nutritional source for humanity and considered very signifacant and sacred by all religions. The turkish people knew bees in the wild environment and used the wildflower honey for nutrition besides it is confirmed in the written sources that when they settled in life they started to work in animal husbandry and apiculture.

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