Marron Glace - Candied Chestnuts in Syrup

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Marron Glace - Candied Chestnuts in Syrup 2.2lbs (1kg)

Marron Glace is a kind of dessert produced in Turkey. This dessert made with chestnuts is combined with sherbet and cooked. Marron Glace, which has an extremely delicious taste, is quite troublesome. Chestnut is a fruit that is difficult to separate from its shell due to its structure. For this reason, it is difficult to peel off the shell. There are also some tips for cooking. If these tips are not applied, their taste will change. chestnuts produced in Bursa, Turkey in particular is a very popular dessert. It is one of the best-selling desserts at weddings, holidays, and cruise stations. You can find Marron Glace on our Gourmeturca site, where we send the freshest versions of Turkish products for you. Thanks to our fastest shipping and freshest product guarantee, you can try this different flavor.